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srw 64 mobile fighter g gundam bgm 明鏡止水
SRW 64 Mobile Fighter G Gundam BGM: 明鏡止水
The title says it all
SRW 64 Mobile Fighter G Gunda...
srw a portable bgms dark knight
SRW A Portable - [BGMs] Dark Knight
Default theme for Axel and his mechs. Nothing much to note here besides the fact that he's a pretty great pilot and while the Vysaga is arguably the superior Super in AP.... "ROCK ...
SRW A Portable - [BGMs] Dark ...
srw 64 mobile suit gundam zz bgm silent voice
SRW 64 Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ BGM: Silent Voice
Title says it all, I'm being lazy for not coming up with more than one picture in a video. Whatever, you are not here to see pictures, you are here to listen to this BGM in SRW 64 ...
SRW 64 Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ ...
srw z grendizer attacks
SRW Z Grendizer attacks.
ufo robot Grendizer attacks and combination attacks from Super robot wars Z
SRW Z Grendizer attacks.
srw og2 gba hack ver a bgm brass sincerity
SRW OG2 GBA Hack (Ver. A) BGM - Brass Sincerity
Music from an OG2 GBA Hack
SRW OG2 GBA Hack (Ver. A) BGM...
srw z athrun s escape strike freedom s first launch
SRW Z - Athrun's Escape/Strike Freedom's First Launch
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SRW Z - Athrun's Escape/Strik...
srw ogs fairlion combi attack bgm og2 ost ver
SRW OGs Fairlion Combi Attack BGM OG2 OST Ver
SRW OGs Fairlion Combi Attack BGM OG2 OST Ver
SRW OGs Fairlion Combi Attack...
srw a portable bgms arashi no naka de kagayaite
SRW A Portable - [BGMs] Arashi no Naka de Kagayaite
Meaning "Shining in the Storm", 08th's main theme is very catchy and memorable. If you haven't seen the short OVA series, I highly recommend you do.
SRW A Portable - [BGMs] Arash...
grendizer attacks2 srw z
Grendizer attacks2 SRW Z
ufo robot Grendizer from super robot wars Z
Grendizer attacks2 SRW Z
srw a portable bgms anime ja nai
SRW A Portable - [BGMs] Anime Ja Nai
Default theme for Gundam ZZ units and pilots.
SRW A Portable - [BGMs] Anime...
srw 64 new mobile report gundam wing bgm just communication
SRW 64 New Mobile Report Gundam Wing BGM: Just Communication
Title says all
SRW 64 New Mobile Report Gund...
srw a portable bgms tate tosho daimos
SRW A Portable - [BGMs] Tate! Tosho Daimos
Tate! Tosho Daimos, meaning "Up! Brave Leader Daimos", was the third entry in the "Romantic Trilogy", the first two parts being Combattler V and Voltes V.
SRW A Portable - [BGMs] Tate!...
srw z battlescenes hq part 2
SRW Z Battlescenes (HQ) - Part 2
SRW Z Battle scenes High quality versions part 2.
SRW Z Battlescenes (HQ) - Part 2
srw a portable bgms z no theme
SRW A Portable - [BGMs] Z no Theme
Battle theme for the Mazinger Z units, another SRW series staple.
SRW A Portable - [BGMs] Z no ...
srw j bgm
SRW J bgm
bgm usually used during those sad/tragic/climatic scenes... and also the confession scene...if memory serves me right.
SRW J bgm
srw a portable bgms uchuu no ouja gurendaizaa
SRW A Portable - [BGMs] Uchuu no ouja GURENDAIZAA
Ending theme for the "UFO Robo Grendizer" anime series, used for them as a battle theme in SRW AP.
SRW A Portable - [BGMs] Uchuu...
srw a portable bgms mobile suits battle
SRW A Portable - [BGMs] Mobile Suits Battle
Default theme for some Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam units and pilots.
SRW A Portable - [BGMs] Mobil...
srw a portable attacks mazinger z all attacks
SRW A Portable - [Attacks] Mazinger Z All Attacks
Ok... NOW I have all the attacks :P ======== Attack LIst ======== 0:07 - Photon Beam 0:24 - Rocket Punch 0:40 - Scrander Combination 1:04 - Iron Cutter 1:21 - Breast Fire 1:45 - D ...
SRW A Portable - [Attacks] Ma...
srw z2 pv3 bgm version store cam
SRW Z2 PV3 BGM version (store cam)
I hope you like saxophones and not being able to hear anything other than saxophones. Original nicovideo link:
SRW Z2 PV3 BGM version (store...
srw a portable bgms men of destiny
SRW A Portable - [BGMs] Men of Destiny
Default theme for the Gundam 0083 - STARDUST MEMORY - Units. As a sidenote, this is one of the best intro themes in anime history, ever, totally recommend you hear the original out ...
SRW A Portable - [BGMs] Men o...