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trials and tribulations of a typical ccl call center agent new prank call
Trials and tribulations of a typical CCL Call center agent (New Prank Call)
Just a typical day for a call center agent, spending 30 minutes on their pitch to find out, he's back! -Video Upload powered by
Trials and tribulations of a ...
the prosecutor calls ccl s lawyers
The Prosecutor calls CCL's lawyers
So apparently CCL got some fancy lawyers who are threatening some of our fellow pranksters. Time for The Prosecutor to step in and do something about it.
The Prosecutor calls CCL's la...
friday night pranks ccl larry vs a fake as fuck ccl rep
Friday Night Pranks- CCL Larry Vs. a Fake as Fuck CCL Rep
"Don't forget to pack those elastic pants" - "Uhh, Right, right" I was meaning to upload this awhile ago, but I found it again and since I didnt feel like editing my TTS calls to ...
Friday Night Pranks- CCL Larr...
ccl larry fred herbert call disney cruise line part 1
CCL Larry & Fred Herbert call Disney Cruise Line (Part 1)
Fred Herbert and his gang are back to harass another cruise line, This time, It is a cruise line company called "Disney Cruise Line". Second Calls to Disney Cruise Line: Coming s ...
CCL Larry & Fred Herbert call...
satanic racist calls ccl
Satanic Racist calls CCL
A quick call
Satanic Racist calls CCL
billybob james real voice calls ccl
Billybob James (real voice) Calls CCL
I did another real voice call into CCL, it's my longest call to CCL to date. I also had a friend of mine in the call too, so don't be hatin'. Enjoy!
Billybob James (real voice) C...
ccl larry calls ccl
CCL Larry calls CCL
It IS time that you took a cruise!
CCL Larry calls CCL
ccl larry still keeps on calling norwegian cruise lines part 2
CCL Larry Still Keeps On Calling Norwegian Cruise Lines (Part 2)
Part 2: Black Ladies CCL Larry decides to call back NCL and this time he spoke to a black lady and she was ok until Rick decided to stop calling him because he was fed up with peop ...
CCL Larry Still Keeps On Call...
older ccl calls
Older CCL Calls
Now those first cruise boats are DEFINETLY not a scam, I'd taken those pictures in Hungary. CSG and Michael Shockley are feelin' lucky. Enjoy!
Older CCL Calls
friday night pranks ccl larry vs a fake as fuck ccl rep
Friday Night Pranks- CCL Larry Vs. a Fake as Fuck CCL Rep
Re- upload
Friday Night Pranks- CCL Larr...
christopher philip prank ccl new july 2016
Christopher & Philip prank CCL (NEW July 2016)
Phillip Calvin McGraw & Christopher Edward Hansen prank CCL
Christopher & Philip prank CC...
groundbreaking ccl call
Groundbreaking CCL Call
The person actually sounded enthused about this, what a suprise.
Groundbreaking CCL Call
springfeel calls ccl
Springfeel Calls CCL
Im uploading this here since it's a CCL call.
Springfeel Calls CCL
chris hansen arnold schwarzenegger call ccl new june 2016 prank call
Chris Hansen & Arnold Schwarzenegger call CCL (New June 2016 Prank Call)
Chris Hansen & Arnold Schwarzenegger want to go on a cruise.
Chris Hansen & Arnold Schwarz...
ccl experience video discern calling hd 720p
CCL Experience Video - Discern Calling-HD 720p
CCL Experience Video - Discer...
dialtone disasters blessing the family call to ccl larry
Dialtone Disasters - Blessing The Family (call to CCL Larry)
"God's doing some great things in the lives of men throughout the world." Visit Kyra here: Keywords: Kyra Kitten, KyraPixy, Mobi ...
Dialtone Disasters - Blessing...
bail bondsman frank garrett call ccl more collab calls
Bail Bondsman & Frank Garrett Call CCL + More (Collab Calls)
Frank Garrett and ABG soundboard by Stilwell Department of Public Safety. Bail Bondsman soundboard by thebailbondshelectric, aside from lines that weren't played from the soundboar ...
Bail Bondsman & Frank Garrett...
bailbondsh calls scam companies ccl and gift card giveaway
Bailbondsh calls Scam Companies (CCL and Gift Card Giveaway)
Another video I forgot to upload after taking it down originally. I remember a lot of people liked the intro.
Bailbondsh calls Scam Compani...
ccl larry has the balls to call norwegian cruise lines part 4
CCL Larry Has The Balls To Call Norwegian Cruise Lines (Part 4)
Part 4: Ending This Prank Call Now the people who work at NCL decide to end this prank call because the people think that CCL Larry is a telemarker and he's not so he decides to br ...
CCL Larry Has The Balls To Ca...
cali tough guy springfeel bailbondsh arnie call ccl new july 2016
Cali Tough Guy, Springfeel, Bailbondsh & Arnie call CCL (NEW July 2016)
Cali Tough Guy, Fred Herbert, Springfield Pervert, Arnold Schwarzenegger and 1800 ASSHOLE call CCL - AGAIN - and it's wonderful. This is a never before released phone call.
Cali Tough Guy, Springfeel, B...